Nro2Nsp V3.3.4 FIX Released

The Root-MtX developer has released a new update of Nro2Nsp in version 3.3.4 FIX.Nro2Nsp is an easy-to-use Nsp generator for redirection or for Nsp built internally using nro file and now with the support of Retroarch forwarder without using of Devkitpro and without the need for a development environment.


Special notes:

  • If an “234C02” error occurs during installation, the cfw patches are incorrect / missing.
  • To automatically load Meta information from .nro, load .nro by clicking on “romfs” and choose Yes. This will automatically load all the information from .nro. If you want to use sdmc, select “sdmc” and use as usual – it could instead incorporate the import button if required
  • Some nodes don’t work with romfs (old tinfoil, dOPUS) use sdmc for those for now
  • Mac and linux could have some bugs or bizarre problems due to mono 
    (the first launch could take some time to load, being paitent / ui seems less pleasant)
  • Big changes have been made in the code, bugs could be present. If found, report it.



  • Should the conversion of the modified icon again with the option to disable the conversion be correct? icons
  • Modified folder / workbook permissions
  • Added message for importing settings for those who are using it for the first time
  • Renewed dialogue windows
  • Added psp core and rom paths
  • Improved data logger for troubleshooting


  • Fixed the check box enable “no logo”
  • Removed settings positions and replaced with export / import settings
  • Fixed the crash that occurred when using the application’s default values
  • Image conversion modified to prevent loss of quality on non-jpeg images and not 256 × 256 images
  • Added image color controls to avoid “?” Icon
  • Added customized Message Box with theme support
  • Updated icon database


  • Added “Custom Keys Path” to load the keys from your path
  • Fixed missing key file error from the Resources folder
  • (Keys.dat, Keys.txt and prod.keys) now all supported
  • Added help icons on the main page and settings page for help with usage / settings
  • Added “Key Generation” setting in the Settings menu
  • Added LinkLabel theme
  • Fixed error loading “Settings.xml”
  • Added LinkLabel “Icon Database” link to the community collection link
  • Removed “Old Style Title ID” from the settings
  • Updated key template file
  • Added delcared path check on the side of the app

Also adding the following beta features

v3.3.2 Beta 4:

  • Added basic arguments
  • Added settings.xml which will export the saved settings so that the saved values ​​do not have to be changed every update
  • The settings will be saved in /user/appdata/roaming/Nro2Nsp/settings.xml if it fails to write there then it 
    will be saved in ./Resources/setting.xml
  • The settings will be loaded from /user/appdata/roaming/Nro2Nsp/settings.xml or ./Resources/setting.xml 
    (./Resources/ has priority)
  • Added the export settings link in the settings menu
  • Fixed the default path rom paths.xml to follow Retroarch Ultimate Pack (Credits: jnackmclain)
  • Even more logos (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)
  • Added [] around the title ID to be used with the dice guide
  • keys.dat can be loaded from ./Resources/ folder or Drive: / Users / user / AppData / Roaming / Nro2Nsp / 
    (./Resources/ has priority)

v3.3.2 Beta 3:

  • Fixed an issue with the Hbmenu Forwarder crashing when exiting a loaded version
  • Fixed records that eliminate / lack construction information
  • Added other logos in the logo folder (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)
  • Fixed logo error when build failed and tried another build
  • Small stability adjustments

v3.3.2 Beta 2:

  • Changed “set logos as defaults” in a checkbox instead of a diaglog box
  • The “No logo” option now sets the icons to black in the logo menu
  • Clean the code
  • Small changes to update notifications

v3.3.2 Beta 1:

  • Added application update notifications with download (beta / stable setting – beta version is enabled by default)
  • Icon quality loss resolved even though conversion is not required
  • You can import the .nro data from the Time icon box (only icon or icon and all meta)
  • Added changelog option with update notification
  • Added Logo menu in settings
  • Added version controls
  • Various additions to the register
  • Added logo in the Logo folder (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)


  • Popup removed for Select user account
  • Stability improvements



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