noLED plugin updated to v1.1 – HENkaku Ensō compatibility added

While HENkaku Ensō aims to stay compatible with all previous plugins, some things are always bound to break when something new comes out. Thanks to developer “rereprep”, noLED got fixed a few hours ago.

What’s noLED?

noLED is a nifty little plugin from “rereprep” of GitHub that turns off the blue LED that lights the PS button on the Vita when it’s in use. The plugin can be useful if you’re playing in the dark or if for some reason, the blue LED of the Vita distracts you. It’s a little nifty tweak that along with Vitabright, which dims your screen further than the official minimum, provides a much better experience for those playing in bed at night without any lights on.

What got updated/changed and how do I install it?

This is what changed in version 1.1:

  • The plugin is now compatible with HENkaku Ensō thanks to help from CelesteBlue (the guy that created ePSP Bubble Installer that activated your console till apparently July 28th since Sony seems to have sc*** up something with activation. Backup your activation files!)

You’re recommended to update the plugin, even if you’re not using HENkaku Ensō since it will be ready when you decide to make the jump.

Installation is pretty simple, you need to copy the plugin (noled.skprx) to your PSVita and add it in the config.txt file of taiHEN. You have to add the plugin to the *KERNEL section since it’s a kernel plugin and has the file extension “skprx”, an example line to add would be “ux0:tai/noled.skprx” if you put the plugin in ux0:/tai. If you have any issues with the plugin, simply contact “rereprep” on GitHub by filing an issue or on Twitter. To get the plugin, simply follow the link below.

noLED version 1.1 download link:

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