LInk VitaShell 1.61 psvita

VitaShell 1.6, like 1.5 got an update after a day! This release is simply a bug fix release that will save you headaches.


What’s VitaShell?

VitaShell is a file manager that does a lot more than just provide a GUI for file management. It allows you to connect your PSVita to a computer via USB and copy stuff over like you do on a pendrive. VitaShell 1.6 added a theme manager, the ability to mount pendrives/external harddisks/USB mass storage devices to a PSTV/Vita TV and brought about various bug fixes.

The biggest beneficiary of this update: The VitaTV/PSTV


What changed and what’s new?

This release is mostly a bug fixes that fixes some critical issues:

  • A database corruption error was fixed when mounting ux0 via USB
  • An insufficient memory error when mounting uma0 was fixed
  • Fixed a glitch in which pressing triangle in UNSAFE mode would crash VitaShell

As you can see, this release is just bug fixes. If you have an internet connection, you can update via the VitaShell app if you’re on version 1.6 or below. If not, download it vis GitHub to avoid any issues.



Make sure you get it as soon as possible as to avoid any issues especially if you’re VitaShell 1.6. Have fun playing games off your USB stick and laugh at not having to buy an expensive Vita card ?


GitHub release:

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