Kosmos V12.0.1 Released

The tumGER developer has released a new 12.0.1 version of Kosmos. This solution is nothing more than SDFiles Switch, a reference point for the Nintendo Switch console, a package that includes all the files needed to run hekate, SwitchBlade or LayeredFS and a custom firmware like Atmosphere in addition to very useful homebrews such as Gag-Order, AppstoreNX, EdiZon, LayeredFS Hekate and SDFileUpdater compatible with various versions of Nintendo Switch firmware. The package can be customized through this developer’s web page . Warning: to upgrade to this new version if you already have Kosmos, you must first delete the following folders from your microSD / atmosphere / bootloader / modules / sept


  • Updated package
  • Firmware start and suspension mode for each firmware
  • Starting the games after starting the working Homebrew Menu
  • Splash Screens and immediate launch (SwitchBlade)
  • Game Mod (LayeredFS Hekate)
  • An FTP server in the background
  • Atmosphere

How to use it

  1. Download  Hekate  or use the payload provided with the package
  2. Download the  latest version  for your chosen bootloader and extract it to the root of your SD card switch
  3. Start the payload of your choice via eg. Fusée Gelée  ,  TegraRcmSmash  or  WebCFWLoader
  4. Finished!


– Atmosphere fork – Homebrew Menu – Homebrew loader – AppstoreNX – EdiZon – KosmosUpdater – Sys-FTPD – Sys-netcheat – Hekate – Checkpoint – Ldn_mitm – Goldleaf



  • Atmosphere updated to 0.8.7
  • Fixed primary fusee compatibility for those who want to run fusee primary
    • Located in “Launch> Payloads> fusee-primary.bin”
  • Kosmos Toolbox configuration updated
    • sys-clk now requires a reboot (will be resolved soon)
    • Support for sys-nxsh has been added


  • Atmosphere updated to 0.8.6
    • The default behavior for the loader HBL support has been changed.
      • Instead of launching HBL when the album is launched without R, the loader now launches HBL when the album or any game is launched with R.
    • Many other critical corrections and additions to features
  • Passed to sysmodules NSP instead of the old KIP format
  • Updated sys-ftpd to allow authenticated connections
  • Added sys-clk sysmodule for overclocking
  • Updated Goldleaf and the Homebrew Appstore
  • This adds support 7.x to Goldleaf, among other things
  • Added fusee-primary payload as a boot option
  • Updated ES patches

But wait. THERE’S MORE!

Kosmos Toolbox update!

After months of teasing and lots of tests, Kosmos-Toolbox is finally ready for use. With the first hot sysmodule in the world and much more!

New features

  • Hot loading and unloading of sysmodules
    • This means no more annoying restarts just to enable overclocking or the FTP server!
    • Fully adaptable for further sysmodules
  • Reboot2Hekate
    • Have you ever been bothered by how long it takes to start Lakka or start a NAND backup? We too. Reboot2Hekate allows you to reboot directly into any Hekate profile you have installed on your system or in the Hekate menu itself with the click of a button.
  • Configuration of the HID-mitm input
    • The second feature of Kosmos v12 is the hid-mitm version of jakibaki. For ease of use, the latest version of Toolbox introduces a new interface to easily reconnect any button to another!
  • Bug fixes
    • We heard you and solved the annoying override key rebind bug!
    • Fully compatible with the latest Atmosphère 0.8.6 changes!

Hid-mitm release!

With this latest version we are offering you a new and fantastic custom sysmodule called hid-mitm. Jakibaki has worked hard to implement it and is finally ready. We present a way to remap all joycon buttons and PLUS controllers using ANY other controller like the XBOX One or Dualshock controller   with your Nintendo Switch! To do this, we have also released an app for  Android  and  iOS  that connects to the controller and sends data to your console. You can find more information about this sysmodule at  https://github.com/jakibaki/hid-mitm/blob/master /README.mdPlease, not that this is in  beta This does not mean that it has not been checked at all, so try it today!

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.

v11.11.1 Update of Hekate

  • Better management of the “warehouse”
  • Bug fixes


  • Hekate update
    • Hekate now supports the launch of fusee-secondary, ie you can now drag and drop atmosphere releases and use them together with Kosmos!
    • Hekate now supports firmware restoration from FAT32!
  • Added Lockpick_RCM
    • A new way to acquire the necessary keys for modding and more on 7.0 (Impossible via Lockpick homebrew on 7.0)
  • Updated atmosphere
    • This includes a completely new memory editor (cheat engine)
    • Support has been added to overwrite content based on the title, separate from the HBL override.
    • Bug fixes
  • EdiZon updated
    • EdiZon now has a memory editor similar to the cheat engine
    • Lots of UI and touch bug fixes
  • Removed Checkpoint and ldn_mitm
    • Quick explanation: ldn_mitm is not compatible with something we expected to release but we had to delay, sooner or later we will make changes and eventually add it again in the package
    • The checkpoint was removed after most of the major complaints related to the fact that we had 2 homebrews that have similar (identical) functions. We agree with this and so we decided to remove it. We thank Flagbrew for the opportunity to be the first package that has been requested / given permission to include Checkpoint and I am still honored by this.

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


  • Updated lockpick
  • Kosmos Toolbox crash at startup fixed
  • Fixed Stock + Sys-Netcheat profile that did not work
  • Added backup option for firmware 1.0-6.2
  • We have also updated the guide, take a look at  https://guide.sdsetup.com (We have also improved our bug tests before releasing anything thanks to our discord!)


  • Fixed the fact that loader.ini was ignored (sorry).
  • Fixed hekate by not booting at all on some switches.
  • Loader.ini now supports multiple substitutions by title.


  • Hekate update
  • Updated atmosphere
    • This means that Kosmos now officially supports the latest 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 firmware!
  • EdiZon updated
  • Ldn-mitm updated
    • Added the ldn-mitm configurator
  • Removed es-patches

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


  • Hekate update
    • Added patch for svcControlCode Memory which helps dynarec on emulators.
    • Solved the problem of suspend mode when debug mode is active and the official 6.XX sec is used
    • Added the RTC driver which now also disables the alarm when an automatic HOS shutdown is used
    • It helps when users using AutoRCM inject and turn off quickly enough.
    • Fixed GPU on Linux at warmboot boot
    • Added lack of automatic fallback calibration of SD cards and some minor corrections.
  • Fixed a bug in Kosmos Toolbox that caused crashes for some people
  • Homebrew positions synchronized with the AppstoreNX standards (As requested  # 182  )
  • Seriously reduced amount of files created by EdiZon’s Python support

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


  • Added the ability to reboot directly to Hekate
    • (Thanks to Atmosphere)
    • Or when fataling or via the “reboot_to_payload” homebrew
  • Added Lockpick!
    • New key software, successor of kezplez, supports 6.2.0 keys and also downloads titlekeys!
  • Updated lockpick
  • Updated checkpoint
  • Kosmos update
  • Updated HBL
  • Updated atmosphere
  • Goldleaf updated
  • Updated ldn_mitm
  • Updated Sys-FTPD
  • Edizon updated
  • Here is another great thanks to bernv3 for having once again created one of the most beautiful icons we’ve ever seen!
  • Added SDSetup

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


  • Added  Goldleaf  !
    • The next generation of Tinfoil from the new owner of the original Tinfoil,  @XorTroll  !
    • Features Installation of themes, installation of the title and much more
  • Update ldn_mitm
  • Update CFW-Settings with a new bernv3 icon
  • Update the Kosmos Updater icon
    • Even from bernv3!
    • (It will dynamically patch sooner or later)

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.



  • Solved the problem of sleep for units downgraded with efuses burned more than necessary.
  • Fixed the issue with the chainloading of update.bin and forced hw init to update, in case it changes again in the future.
    • This is a quick solution and requires you to have v4.6 on your modchip / dongle.
  • New correction of archive bit
  • Fixed issue with UART debugging printing
  • Some small SMMU emulations for TSEC corrections for the unlucky ones out there. The maximum waiting time remains low.
  • Many many fixes and also added some error recovery messages and boot options.

It remains curious 🙂 The gates have been opened


  • Updated atmosphere
    • A bug that caused some modules to fail on firmware 1.0.0 has been fixed.
    • A bug that caused the sleep mode to fail with debugmode enabled has been fixed.
    • As a result, debugmode is now enabled in the default BCT.ini.
  • Hekate update
  • Updated ldn_mitm

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.




  • Full 6.2.0 support  . Thanks to  @nwert  ,  @ balika011  and off course,  @CTCaer  !
    • He has a  100% successful relationship.
    • Supports Secure Monitor and new Exosphere
    • Supports starting 6.2.0 with less than 8 fuses
  • Added support for “Print TSEC keys” and “Dump pkg1 / 2” tools
  • Fixed issue with YouTube HDCP  . Thank  @hexkyz  for having  devoted  some time to investigate.
  • Each file lister now ignores hidden and .dot files
  • Added the “silent option to the HOS automatic shutdown option. Now you can choose whether to show the logo.
  • Refactored the monolithic main.c to the simplest grouped sections. Moreover, hos.c took some love.
  • Many many bugfixes


  • Removed the fusee again – you really thought we didn’t have anything for you guys; ^)
  • Updated atmosphere
  • Updated ldn_mitm

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.


This is based on the 0.8.1 version of Atmosphere

Before starting the log of changes, I want to thank all our customers! Thanks to you we can greatly improve sdsetup now! – I also want to thank for 800 stars, over 200k downloads and 2750 discord members. We never expected so much support! let’s begin:

  • Added support for firmware 6.2
    • This pre-release uses the Atmosphere fusee for 6.2 as a temporary solution
    • This includes Signature Patch, sleep mode and everything else you’ve had on all other firmware before!
  • Added ldn_mitm (As requested in  # 142  )
    • This allows you to play  online  ad-hoc / lan for games such as Smash and Mario Kart 8! As more and more people are banned every day, this has become increasingly in demand and after a while, here it is for you!
  • After receiving tons of fantastic Kosmos bootlogs, we decided to create a new bootlogo for the project. This is mainly due to the work of bernv3.
    • You can watch all the fantastic bootlogos on  our discord  !
  • Added “fatal” by Atmosphere
  • Updated Homebrew menu
  • Updated atmosphere

and especially:

  • Improvements to the overall stability of the system to improve the user experience.
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