Installer 5 Revealed: A Cydia alternative alternative that could potentially reboot the iOS jailbreaking

As more time goes by, the amount of people that jailbreak their iOS devices has been decreasing drastically. Now, Installer 5 has been revealed in the hopes of providing a modern alternative to Saurik’s Cydia!


What is Installer 5?

Cydia currently suggests you install packages that were designed for iOS 6…

As its name suggests, it’s a package manager for jailbroken iOS devices that lets you install jailbreak-related software. These include applications that need a jailbreak, tweaks, themes and many other packages that Apple doesn’t want you to be installing.

Without a doubt, the first thing that most will think of when hearing of Installer 5 is Cydia, Saurik’s package manager that has been with us since iPhone OS 1.1!

Unfortunately, Cydia hasn’t evolved too much since its initial release back in 2008 and while it does its job, it’s become quite a relic of the past nowadays. To fix that, the AppTapp team have come to the rescue so that jailbroken iDevice will finally have a store front that’s suitable in this day in age!

What do we know? Is Installer 5 better than Cydia?

Today, Sammy Guichelaar, a member of AppTapp team and one of the Installer 5 developers, has posted a pretty lengthy reveal post on Reddit telling us virtually everything we need to know about this brand-new package manager. While there are a lot of great things in Installer 5’s reveal post, let’s go through the most important ones which are:

  • Installer 5 will support every jailbroken iDevice running iOS 8-11.1.2. This includes support for both 32-bit and 64-bit devices according to a recent tweet by the AppTapp team.
  • The interface has been greatly revamped and now resembles that of iOS 11’s App Store, even including the huge title banners in some places.
    • Other than offering a better and more modern look, the new UI provides packages with a page that looks like official iOS App Store listings. This means that packages will have screenshots, a general description about what they do and the ability to rate them by default!

      The new UI gives jailbreaking the store front it always deserved but do keep in mind that the new UI isn’t only about its looks!

  • A totally new way to install packages is used. Instead of using DEBs, Installer 5 uses ZIP files that contain the files needed and no extra dependencies are needed. This is a major advantage when it comes to porting Installer 5 to new jailbreaks since Cydia is often considered to be a headache to port due to its various dependencies.
  • Another important feature is that Installer 5, by default, only shows you packages that are compatible with your version of iOS! This will save you the time of scrolling through walls of incompatible packages and will ultimately make installing jailbreak stuff much more enjoyable!
  • Thankfully, it can work simultaneously with Cydia and installed packages are even synced up between the two to prevent conflicts!
  • Many other great features including no advertisements, a totally new repository system, enhanced security, Palert support and a Featured page so that you can check out what’s hot on that particular day!
  • It is important to note that Installer 5 is currently in beta testing so it won’t be released to the public immediately and no specific release date has been given yet!


With all of the above, Installer 5 may be what it takes to get the ball rolling again in the iOS jailbreaking scene.

I personally think that if Installer 5 is properly pulled off and has enough developer support, it could finally take jailbreaking out of its present decline!

To learn more, simply follow the link below and check out AppTapp’s Twitter linked below.

Installer 5’s reveal thread:

AppTapp Team’s Twitter page:

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