Homebrew Payload for 3DS Firmware 11.3

With the most recent release of firmware 11.3 in the past week, the update came with fixes that patched exploits and annoyed developers alike. Just bout every major known exploit that has been used of late, from safehax, waithax and even the homebrew gspwn exploit were all patched, leaving 3DS users in the ashes with little to utilize for homebrew access. This deliberate shot thrown at homebrew devs was not taken lightly, only pushing developers to reverse engineer and find a work around in Nintendo’s latest firmware release.

Nintendo took quite a while in their move to update the 3DS since the release of the most recent arm11 and arm9 exploits. And we have seen that they did so for good reason, patching just about every known way the CFW community has of exploiting the system, even the NFIRM exploit that was being used for 3DS downgrading purposes. The community is one that is active and driven by some of the most committed developers and users a like, Nintendo may have slowed them down a bit, but with the rapid release of fixes, this battle is a long way from over.

And behold! Developer Smealum has once again come to the rescue for many a homebrew user. In just a matter of a day or two, he has release an updated version of the hax payload, dubbed version 2.9. This comes as a relief in launching the homebrew loader (which has also been updated as well, yay!). Mostly for the N3DS users, since 03DS didn’t seem to be affected as much.

New hax payloads can be found on Smealum’s link below:

Smealum’s Github

Homebrew forwarder update below:

Yellows8 Homebrew Launcher

Homebrew forwarder update thanks to developer yellows8.

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