HENkaku Ensō Beta allegedly leaked, we recommend NOT to install

A few weeks ago Team Molecule announced they had been working on a permanent hack for PS Vita 3.60 running HENkaku, nicknamed Ensou.  They subsequently invited people to join a beta for the hack, while insisting on the high risk of bricks for the beta.

In order to control distribution of the beta and prevent the risk of leaks, it appears the software was doing some checks (around for example the console ID) to prevent it from running on consoles that were not part of the beta. Given the significant risk of brick, it was probably the safest way Molecule team could ensure their software would not spread in the wild, bricking the console of unsuspecting users.

It now seems one of the beta testers has found ways to circumvent the ID checks, and leaked the beta online. Although we’ve been unable to found any actual download link so far, I’d strongly recommend people to not go that route if they want to use HENKaku Ensou. The risk of brick, once again, is very significant, even if the beta has made some significant progress over the past few weeks.

Instead I’d suggest to patiently wait for the actual release, which is just a few weeks away (the release date according to the official site is July 29th 2017).

As for the leaker, as much as I’d love to jump on the hate bandwagon, I also like to see the other side of the coin: maybe that person saw the “DRM” from Ensou not as a security for users (which I truly believe was molecule’s goal here), but as a challenge to overcome. In that regard, that person’s intents are not very different from what hackers try to constantly do to the DRMs on our consoles. I of course don’t condone the leak and would be extremely *** off if I were the developers (it happened to me in the past so I get the feeling). Nonetheless, I advise people against harassing someone online, this will not bring any good to anyone.

Source: TheFlow, via playstationhax

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