Giả lập OPENSYOBON VITA trên psvita

It seems that the extension of the GekiHEN contest brought us quite a few stuff including many homebrew games. This is one of the last entries, maybe the last, of GekiHEN as the deadline is on the 19th of March. Developer ‘Rinnegatamante’ just can’t stop developing stuff for the trusty PSVita!


What’s OpenSyobon?

This homebrew is a simple platform game à la Super Mario Brothers but it’s quite frustrating! It’s based on the Nintendo 3DS port except for the audio engine as this version uses OGG files instead. The different audio engine allows better BGM to feature in the game. The music is quite.. interesting as it even features the Cheetahmen theme (check out AVGN’s episode on the game if you want a good laugh). Controls are quite straightforward, X is for jump, the d-pad is for movement and R for speeding up the game (!?).

OpenSyobon Vita

How do I get it?

As with all PSVita homebrew, it’s quite simple. Download the VPK on a computer or mobile device and transfer it to your Vita/PSTV via USB or FTP. After that, just install it via VitaShell. You should download the game from the original source (i.e the GekiHEN page) at the bottom of this article to avoid malware. Enjoy Rinnegatamante’s port of this wacky game ?


P.S: Just don’t take the game tooo seriously :p


GekiHEN link:

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