Firmware V8.0.0 Released For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo released a new firmware update for Nintendo Switch this morning with version 8.0.0. For end users, there are great new features such as new options for displaying games and applications that can be ordered by the amount of time played, 15 Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World themed icons, the ability to transfer the saved content of individual games to other Switch consoles, new Parental Control options for VR Mode 3D with Nintendo Labo and a zoom function for people with problems with Lastly, the option has been added that does not allow you to reactivate the Nintendo Switch from standby mode when the power plug is disconnected and an update is also available for the Joy-Con.

From the hacking scene:

  • For Nintendo Switch owners without a patch WITH the RCM bug: wait for Atmosphère (and the sigpatches) to be updated
  • For users with a patched Nintendo Switch WITHOUT the RCM bug: DO NOT UPDATE ! This is your last chance for a custom firmware! There are no TrustZone bugs left on 8.0.0+!


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