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What is DS4Vita?

DS4Vita is a plugin for taiHEN/taiHENkaku created by developer Xerpi. This plugin allows you to use a DualShock 4 controller on your Vita. Touchpad support works on some games but not others.


  1. Enable ds4vita.skprx in taiHEN’s config.txt
  2. Go to Setting -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices
  3. Press SHARE+PS on the DS4 for about 3 seconds, until the lightbar blinks
  4. The DS4 will then connect (don’t press over it when it appears)

Note: If somehow you can’t establish a connection, try to delete the pairing by pressing over it (on Settings menu) and then selecting Delete and try again.

Download DS4Vita

To download DS4Vita you can do one of two things: either head to the release thread over at the wololo forums or head to Xerpi‘s GitHub release page to download the plugin. If you have suggestion or bugs reports, I’d advise you to do so on the release thread.

Enjoy the release!

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