DNSwitch – a utility to hijack the Nintendo Switch browser

It was well known ahead of the Nintendo Switch that the console would release with a limited web browser. It appears the console actually ships with a full browser that’s simply blocked by hardcoded DNS. The folks over at se7ensins have released a utility that helps you bypass this limitation.

Nintendo Switch: access youtube and more with DNSwitch

DNSwitch lets you access any site through the Switch’s “hidden” web browser, including, it seems, Youtube (although it is unclear if you can actually stream anything once there – update: Red7s has confirmed that streaming from youtube with this trick does not work at the moment. This still gives you access to many websites).

Update: user @Scrxtchy has shared some HTML5 test results from the Nintendo Switch browser, and it seems there is some extremely minimal video capability with H264 support but no audio and no streaming. In other words, streaming from youtube or advanced utilities such as Plex looks like it’s not going to happen.

In practice, the trick is fairly simple, bypassing some functionality of the console and letting you send any site in lieu of the “sign in required” portal that is typically required on some wifi networks.

Red7s over at Se7ensins included a few videos and screenshots for you to feast your eyes on.


Please note that since I don’t own a Switch, I was not able to verify this myself at the time of this writing. Nevertheless, Red7s is a trusted member of the scene so there is no reason to believe DNSwtich does not work.

The full Readme from the tool:


A utitily for the Nintendo Switch to hijack the web browser


  1. Python 3.6
  2. A webserver(if you want PHP)

How to use

  1. Set up your hosts file to set the IP that you would like your DNS to be and run both the DNS server.
  2. Open the internet settings on your Nintendo Switch and change your connection’s DNS to the one you set in the hosts file.
  3. Run a connection test and click okay once the switch asks you to register
  4. ???
  5. Profit.


Visual Studio from Se7enSins for creating the scripts

It’s exciting to see that even though the Nintendo Switch has only been out for a couple of days, the hacking community is already hard at work to see what’s inside!

Download DNSwitch for Nintendo Switch

You can download the scripts for DNSwtich on github here.

Source: se7ensins via Red7s

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