COBRA 7.52 and Rebug Toolbox Version: 02.02.13

Program:  COBRA 7.52 and Rebug Toolbox Version: 02.02.13 – Cobra Payload Updater
Original Release Date: Feb 22 2017
Author: ‘joonie’
Source: psx-place
Download: Click Here
Quote via original post:

By the way, I updated the COBRA revision to 7.52 from 7.51

The following change is added,

the source is available in this commit

By default, COBRA can block following apps from being launched “ONLY AFTER” Syscalls are disabled by stealth plugins and homebrews

BLES806XX   Multiman and assorted tools are in the format BLES806**
BLJS10018 PSNPatch Stealth (older versions were already detected as non-NP/BC/BL)
BLES08890 PSNope by user
BLES13408 FCEU NES Emulator
BLES01337 Awesome File Manager
BLND00001 dev_blind
NPEA90124   SEN Enabler

And custom config files can be used for white/black listing apps/homebrews/games as you need
Here's the original quote by @kokotonix:

"The code bellow adds the ability to read a custom blacklist (/dev_hdd0/tmp/blacklist.cfg) and a custom whitelist (/dev_hdd0/tmp/whitelist.cfg) – this is nice for advanced users wanting to do some extra tests.

  • Custom blacklist has the higher priority over all the other tests.
  • Custom whitelist has the second priority.
  • The fixed tests has the lowest priority.”

So after disabling syscalls, launching homebrews will result following:

and also, I realized many people having hard time updating their COBRA binaries,

I decided to add a new feature to REBUG TOOLBOX.

COBRA Payload updater
Currently the toolbox has a detection for lower revisions of COBRA.

So any version “below 7.52 and 4.81.X” will be supported [REBUG REX / D-REX 4.81.1 and 4.81.2]

REBUG 4.80 and below are NOT supported, neither NON-REBUG (Meaning CFWs like HABIB,FERROX and such). AGAIN NOT DECR!!

Here’s a little tutorial that can help you understand how it works.


REBUG REX / D-REX 4.81.1 or 4.81.2 (ATTENTION!! NOT DECR)
COBRA 7.31~7.51

1. Firstly make sure you’re on REBUG 4.81.X [1 or 2] and COBRA must be active prior to the update, otherwise the option will NOT be shown

2. Locate the option COBRA Payload Updater

3. Select “UPDATE”

4. “COBRA payload updated!” will be shown when finished

5. Exiting the toolbox will restart the system to apply the change

6. Enjoy the new COBRA 7.52

Here’s the quick summary and the download link for the new toolbox 2.02.13

1. COBRA Payload 7.52 including
@habib‘s bug fix for lv1 peek support for multiMAN,
@deank‘s backup disc support for PS3 games
KW and @aldostools‘s homebrew blocker thanks to @kokotonix for informing

2. COBRA Updater for REBUG 4.81.X

DOWNLOAD link for the new toolbox

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