BrowserNX V0.3.0 Released Reading

As you know, the Nintendo Switch console has no browser to explore the world of the internet. To solve this problem the developer crc-32 has released a pre-release of BrowserNX.This project in the early stages of development allows you to start ‘Internet browser applet through an NSP and you can enter a URL and surf the Internet pages in peace. I remind you that the application is very basic and requires connection to an internet connection, so pay attention.



  • Added NRO initial support
    • ‘Initial’ because it works only when hbloader is overriding a game or app, not a gallery
    • It does not support html5 video playback
  • Added supernag contingency
    • The app will now show an error telling you that the supernag is active and suggests you how to remove it, stop the accidental fw update via the Nintendo error message and the confusion
  • Added supernag correction
    • Each version will now be equipped with a preconfigured sysmodule that hides the supernag while the CFW is active, only atmosphere / fs_mitm CFW


  • Fixed Icon for all CFWs
  • Added a ‘default URL’ option that can be set to change the automatically launched URL stored on it  sdmc:/defUrl.txt(if there are no files that still go to Fortheuser dash)
  • Improved error detection, so an unrecoverable error does not require rebooting almost as often, using the error applet you can get specific errors and often useful error codes, help debugging contributors
  • The URL entry now checks for common problems with the URL before the browser opens (which would crash fatally)

Pressing R at startup now allows you to set the default URL and pressing X restores the default value.


  • This is just an updated version of the app with an included icon since so much has been requested.

Note: If you have installed the previous version, the icon appears to be stored for a while, so it may not be displayed initially.



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