AutoPlugin, Rebug 4.82.2, mGBA 0.6.3, VitaShell 1.9 mod0.2 and more!

Every week, there is a substantial amount of new releases and updates for hacked consoles like the PS3 and PSVita. Due to this, this article is here to keep you up to date on what was released during the week of 15-22 April!


AutoPlugin released: Install popular plugins easily

When you get a new PSVita, finding and installing plugins may be a somewhat daunting task, even if you did it before. Due to this, theheroGAC, an Italian developer and article writer, has decided to release AutoPlugin.

AutoPlugin is a great little utility but it should have some sort of confirmation before doing its magic!!!

AutoPlugin is a simple ONELua homebrew that lets you install the latest version of the following popular plugins with the press of a button:

  • DownloadEnabler
  • NoNpDrm
  • Shellbat
  • NoPsmDrm

Hopefully, this list will get some other plugins such as VitaBright which is a personal favourite of mine since the Vita 1K’s screen is a little too bright when in the dark!

Nonetheless, AutoPlugin is a nifty way to get the plugins you probably use quickly and easily on your PSVita!

It will automatically install plugins without asking whether you want to do so which means you shouldn’t accidentally open it!


UPDATE: Version 1.01 was released and adds VitaBright and pngshot plugins along with a confirmation prompt when installing the plugins so you don’t accidentally overwrite your config.txt file!

Rebug 4.82.2 released

This week, the PS3 also got some love in the form of homebrew by the release of an update to the famous Rebug CFW.

Thanks to dedicated Rebug team, this great CFW is still being updated to fix nasty issues!

Rebug 4.82.2, the CFW of choice for many PS3 hackers, brings about the following:

  • Updated payload for DEX consoles.
  • Other bug fixes including ones that fix USB device connections.

As you can see, this is a maintenance update but it’s still one you should consider updating to since you can never have enough bug fixes 😉


mGBA 0.6.3 released: An important bug fix release to fix slip-ups in 0.6.2

mGBA, the popular and accurate GBA emulator for various homebrew consoles and PCs, was recently updated to 0.6.2 to fix some important bugs such as poor audio on the PSVita. Now, mGBA 0.6.3 got released to fix the bugs that version 0.6.2 introduced!

mGBA 0.6.3 brings along the following:

  • Some audio changes were reverted in the GameBoy emulation section.
  • The GameBoy/Advance emulation sections both some video regression fixes.

When you fix one bug, you create a hundred! A popular saying by programmers that is true even in homebrew!

If you use mGBA, it is recommended to get this update so you can have a better experience with less issues.

VitaShell 1.9 mod0.2

Yet again, theheroGAC has given a software contribution to the scene and this time, it’s in the form of a mod to VitaShell.

His modded VitaShell 1.9 mod0.2 brings along:

  • Automatic multi-language switching support.
  • Support for xmc0: and sd0: partitions by Princess-of-Sleeping.
  • Support for FW 3.68 as it’s compiled with the latest source code. This further confirms that TheFlow’s FW 3.67 hack is compatible with FW 3.68.
  • 3 themes including the default and Electron themes (both included with VitaShell) and Acemad’s Akatsuki theme.

It is important to note that this must be installed via Molecular Shell and will replace VitaShell. Hence, it is recommended to use at your own discretion.


UPDATE: Mod3 was released and now its TITLEID is different so it won’t overwrite the original Vitashell and no longer requires you to install it through MolecularShell!

VitaShell 1.9 is a great mod but it unfortunately replaces VitaShell which could prove problematic if you don’t have a backup installed and the mod goes haywire

rePatch 2.69 (Hotfix C) released

rePatch, a plugin by dots-tb that revolutionalises PSVita game mods, got updated to version 2.69 and also got three hot fixes by the time this article was written!

rePatch 2.69 (Hotfix C) brings about:

  • Fixes for Demo DLC
  • Issues with Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka (PCSG00842) were fixed
  • A new path is now used ‘ux0:reAddcont/<GAME ID>/<GAME DLC>’ for applying game mods.


As you can see, this was a pretty fruitful week and there ought to be something to catch your interest from all these releases! To get the above, simply follow the links below:

Issues should be reported to their respective developer/s, usually on GitHub.

AutoPatch GitHub release page (+ download link):

Rebug 4.82.2 update post (changelog + download link):

mGBA 0.6.3 release post (+ download link):

rePatch 2.69 GitHub link (+ changelog + download link):

VitaShell 1.9 mod0.2 download link:



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