ARK QuickBoot – Load PSP games directly from your LiveArea

What’s ARK QuickBoot?

This mod allows you to simply point ARK to the game you wish to play without having to open the ARK shell. It uses PBOOT explotation like ARK itself uses along with a file that lets you specify the path you wish to use with the bubble. You may start PSP games, homebrew and PSX games (No sound of course) via this bubble mod. After you copy the PBOOT.PBP file to the exploit game and the savepath.txt file, you must backup and restore the exploit game. It’s important to note that you can infact dupe ePSP bubbles since this will require various bubbles for various games!


Instructions for ARK QuickBoot

The instructions are quite straightforward and they’re found on a /talk forums thread by ‘qwikrazor87’. In a nutshell, you have to copy the PBOOT, set the path of what you want and restore/backup via QCMA. You may also update the title for the PBOOT and its icon. You also have to do a folder for every different bubble that contains the ARK bin with QuickBoot support.


Instructions for ARK QuickBoot:

Instructions for bubble duping: – Requires a PC with QCMA

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