Adrenaline Bubbles Manager gets new options

Right after Lman’s adrbblbooter v4 got released, Onelua Team started working on the Adrenaline Bubbles Manager update.

This app can automatically get things done for you if you’ve been trying to figure out how to use adrbblbooter v4 new features with no results.

So, now let me tell you what the new added options do :

1. Now you can automatically enable M33 driver, allowing you to choose between BOOT.BIN and EBOOT.OLD (prometheus).

In Adrenaline Bubbles Manager this option is disabled for PSX content.

2. Also, this app gives you the possibility of using selected PSP content’s pic1 as STARTDAT.PNG.

Lman’s default STARTDAT image will be used if no pic1 is found by this app.

3. Last but not least, now you can disable adrbblbooter linked bubbles.

This option cleans the bubble up, r .emoves pboot, deletes GAMEID.txt+STARTDAT.PNG from bubblesdb folder and corresponding lines at config.txt

Install, link and customize adrbblbooter bubbles in a snap

As you may know by now, this app can install adrbblbooter plugin, link it to a chosen bubble and do a bit of customization, all in one shot.

The automatized process is all possible thanks to gdljjrod and DevDavisNunez, from Onelua team.

Adrenaline Bubbles Manager makes things so easy to do by following screen messages and pushing some buttons.

Note: A good suggestion here is to check your config.txt with molecular shell or vitashell before starting, if everything seems to be right, then, you can carry on.

This is a fresh henkaku r10 config.txt the only plugin added is adrenaline

Just in case you don’t know how this app works, or if you didn’t visit my previous post  here, controls are as follows:

Up/down : Navigate through the lists.

X : Select and confirm.

O : Go back or cancel.

[ ] : Disable/uninstall the plugin and pboot from a selected bubble GAMEID.txt .

/\ : Show selected PSP content’s pic1 on the app background.

START : Go back to Livearea.

And now, let me tell you the best part!

After giving your bubble a new name, the option to use m33 driver pops up.

If X is pressed the app gives you 3 options:


/\ : EBOOT.OLD (prometheus)

O : Go back.

In the next step, the app gives you the chance to use pic1 as STARTDAT for the selected bubble (X), if you choose no (O) at this option, Lman’s default STARTDAT image will be used.

Lman's default STARTDAT image

If pic1 is not the required size, the app will try to resize the image to 480×272.

Now, if you are thinking: whats so good about using M33 driver? well, that means nothing… but improved PSP backups compatibility with Lman’s plugin!

And for all those wondering: whats that prometheus addon? its an ISO loader, this addon will take care of some of the errors you encountered when trying to boot some content.

For all the content which didn’t go pass the black screen I do recommend using M33 driver with EBOOT.OLD (prometheus) enabled.

This is how the gameid.txt should look like.

Since the plugin still is in developement, maybe some errors will still show up with some PSP backups.

So, what are you waiting for? just follow the link below to download Adrenaline Bubbles Manager!


Credits go to:

Leecherman for adrbblbooter plugin

Onelua Team for Adrenaline Bubbles Manager

Theflow for his eCFW Adrenaline

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