Adrenaline-6.2 released : Adrenaline gets f.lux, FPS with PSX games have been fixed and more

From time to time, TheFlow updates his famous ePSP hack called Adrenaline so that we can have an even better experience playing PSP games on our Vita. This time, Adrenalline-6.2 has been released and apart from bug fixes, there’s one great new feature that your eyes will probably enjoy!


What is Adrenaline?

Adrenaline is TheFlow’s ePSP hack for PSVita consoles running FW 3.60/3.65 (those on 3.65 must HAVE updated through TheFlow’s CFW updater for FW 3.60 so taiHEN and Adrenaline can work). This ePSP hack has many great features:

  • Support for dumped commercial PSP games and homebrew. Compressed dumps, in formats such as CSO, are also supported if you want to save space.

    You can now enable f.lux filters from Adrenaline’s settings menu (hold PS and press Settings)! Different colours are available so you can filter your screen’s tint colour to your liking!

  • Ability to use 64MB of RAM so that homebrew that needs a PSP 2k+ could work.
  • The full XMB experience so you can enjoy the nostalgia on your PSVita!
  • Plugin support
  • Many other features such as save state support, PSX support and more!

What got updated/added in Adrenaline-6.2?

Adrenaline-6.2 brings about the following:

  1. f.lux, by Rinnegatamante, has been added. This warms up the screen’s colours so that less blue light is emitted from it and as a result, it’s easier on your eyes especially in the dark and at night.
  2. A bug was fixed in which PSX games no longer have framerate issues when a custom screen filter is used.
  3. Compatibility with ‘Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep’ English patch has been fixed as it was broken in Adrenaline-6.1.
  4. Other bug fixes including one that prevents certain games from crashing Adrenaline when exiting them.

Using the f.lux screen filter makes playing your Vita’s screen much easier on your eyes.

To install Adrenaline-6.2, you need to get the official 6.61 firmware PBP file from the link below, rename it to “661.PBP” and copy it to ux0:/app/pspemucfw/.

This procedure must be done even if you had Adrenaline already installed and not only if you’re installing it the first time!


To download Adrenaline-6.2 and the FW 6.61 PBP file, simply follow the links below. If you have any issues, report them in a civil manner to TheFlow in the GitHub link below!

Adrenaline-6.2 download (+ full changelog):

Download link for the PSP 6.61 FW:

TheFlow’s Twitter account (further updates):

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