Account Manager (PS Vita)

Developer BaltazaR4, with help from team ONElua, has released Account Manager, a homebrew tool to help you manage multiple accounts on the PS Vita.

From the developers:

Now you can keep the login files of your different accounts at hand with this app, plus, be able to change them at any time without the need to format your console (of course, after creating each account’s folder), and without the need to format your memory card.
It does support elpendor’s account switcher profile folders, just move them to the following path ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001

This app can save the current account data, delete it, delete the saved account profile folder or swap the current account to a previously saved account with the touch of a button!.
First time using it press X to save the current account data, then if you want to login to a different profile press O to delete the current account data, the console will restart, you’ll go through the time, date, language, set account initial settings, you can introduce your credentials here or skip to the video, is up to you.

The first time you save your profiles you might think is taking a long time, but think about doing it everytime without an app like this (own experience).
It comes with an improved user friendly interface plus the saved accounts are stored at ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001 in case you want to tranfer them to your pc via QCMA.

The Team credits the following groups and people:

  • Onelua Team for their support and friendship
  • Elpendor for his account switcher
  • Theflow for all his work specially the updater
  • Team molecule (do I have to say why XD)
  • Everyone else in the scene keep doing all that good work

PS Vita Account Manager. How to use:


1. Press X to save the current account data (will create a folder with a portion of the login email, anything before “@”)
2. Press O to delete the current account data (will only delete the necesary files so you can login to a different account, after using this option, the ps vita will restart as if it was restored, without losing anything from the MC, only the id.dat XD)
3. Press [] to jump from the current account to the selected one (to do this you need to have saved profiles, you can use the ones created with elpendor’s account switcher, although you have to move them to the following path ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/ACTM00001) After changing accounts a reboot is automatically done so, dont forget to activate henkaku again.
4. Press /\ to delete a saved account folder (only in case you need to, maybe last time you saved your profile data your console was not activated, maybe…)

Download PS Vita Account Manager

Account Manager can be downloaded on Team ONElua’s github here.

Source: BaltazaR4, via gdljjrod on /talk

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