6.61 Adrenaline-4 released : Full screen PSX trên PSTV

TheFlow, of course, seems to have a hard time taking breaks. Now, he presents us with the 4th update to Adrenaline after releasing Adrenaline-2,3 and 3.1 in a short period of time. Adrenaline-4 brings about quite a few fixes and features pertaining to the PSX emulator so you really ought to upgrade to this release if you plan to do any PSX gaming on your Vita.


What’s Adrenaline-4?

Adrenaline is an eCFW for the PSVita’s built-in PSP emulator that lets you run all PSP games and homebrew. Apart from that, you may use plugins, homebrew that needs 64MB of RAM and you have access to full XMB! Adrenaline also lets you apply filters to your games, use savestates amongst other things.


What’s changed in Adrenaline-4?

This is the changelog of Adrenaline-4 and 3.1:

  • Sound issues after exiting PSX games are fixed
  • Support for CWCheat for PSX games has been added
  • Custom graphic filters can now be used with PSX games
  • Screen mode adjustment has been added for PSX games (read the changelog at the bottom of this article for more info)
  • Screenshot support for PS1 games has been added
  • The network update feature now can search for Adrenaline updates for easy updating!:o
  • Various bug fixes

The update, especially for PSX lovers, is quite a big one so it’s recommended to upgrade immediately. You can use various methods to update to this version.


Installing Adrenaline-4 is quite simple; you may either use Adrenaline Easy Installer 1.10 (1.10 is needed for Adrenaline-4 support) or you can install it yourself via editing taiHEN’s config file and dropping the plugin yourself. Adrenaline requires Vita FW 3.60, works on any PSVita and the PSTV and needs taiHEN.


Note: PSX means Playstation 1/PS1


Changelog (+ Manual installation instructions): https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Adrenaline

Download Link: https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Adrenaline/releases/tag/v4

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