4NXCI V4.02 Released

[SWITCH] 4NXCI V4.02 Released Reading Time: 2 Min

 developer  has released a new update of 4NXCI with a new version 4.02. 4NXCI is a tool to convert XCI files (the entire game file / cartridge dump) to NSP (it contains only the game files like eShop digital games I don’t think it’s possible to remove the signatures). The only problem with this format is the possible ban in case you connect online with your console. In this new update 4NXCI skips the special characters in the titlename



  • Added support for key generation 8 (Firmware 7.0.0+)


  • Fixed a bug that caused nsp errors when using the –keepncaid option
  • Fixed a minor bug in opening XCI with long filepath


  • 4NXCI now applies the acid public key and signs the header nec (signature 2)
  • Improved NPDM patching
  • Key removed warning message
  • Fixing an error causes a file with an empty file path to be loaded when the keyset file is not specified


  • Added keys.txt, keys.ini and prod.keys as default locations for loading the keyset file.
  • Stdout and buffer stderr removed.
  • 4NXCI-GUI: 
    Added checkbox to allow setting the temporary folder equal to the output 
    Auto set key filepath if it is in the program directory 
    Modified the convert button to prevent multiple instances of 4NXCI from starting in the background
  • Registry synchronization fixed


  • Fixed support for XCI with untitled cryptographic updates (custom XCI)
  • Fixed a bug that causes the temporary folder to not be deleted after conversion when xci contains the update
  • 4NXCI-GUI: 
    read only removed from the xci, output and keys fields. 
    TabIndex property used to allow correct exploration of cards in order. 
    Set the output folder to the same folder as XCI. If an output folder was previously selected, nothing changes. 
    The Browse dialog for the output folder now automatically selects the folder in the text field, if set.


  • 4NXCI now skips the path characters special files in titlename


  • Added 4NXCI-GUI
  • Added option –rename to use titlename instead of titleid to name nsps
  • Added option –keepncaid to keep the original ids nca in cnmt
  • 4NXCI now only looks for section 0 in the nca program for main.npdm
  • Dummy tik and cert option removed


  • Added support for keygeneration 7
  • Added options for setting temp and output directory paths
  • Added support for game cards with more updates


  • Fixed an issue with the ncas metadata that remain open in 4NXCI and with the removal of the temporary directory


  • 4NXCI now supports XCI with more than one application metadata (games with more than one game)


  • 4NXCI now deletes the temporary folder at the end of the conversion
  • Modified the cnmt patch method
  • Fixed a bug that causes an invalid RequiredSystemVersion value in the cnmt.xml patch


  • 4NXCI no longer creates dumk tiks and cert by default


  • Added Options
  • Added option to skip fictitious cert and tik creation
  • Added option to manually load the keyset file.
  • Calculation of permissions for NCA metadata removed


  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash during gamecard conversion with 1 dlc


  • Added support for game cards with more than one dlc
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect key generation value in xml metadata


  • Added cert and tik packing for cnmts download type
  • Fixed a bug causing random meta ids and hash values ​​in xml metadata
  • Fixed a bug causing random metadata nec filename in nsp
  • Modified dummy tik titleid


  • Higher conversion speed (buffer size is now 100 MB) 
    Most parts of the fictitious certificate
  • Minor changes to console outputs
  • Improved stability


  • Improved stability


  • Added support for all xcis
  • Added dynamic creation of nsp based on metadata
  • Fixed a bug that caused program crashes and bad nsp due to program hashca calculation errors
  • Improved stability



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