3DSident v0.7.6 – NNID info, WiFi slots info, Parental control

Changelog v0.7.6:

Original Version:

  • Removed unnecessary config info. (Original version aims to only display crucial information, and is therefore kept as minimal as possible).
  • Refactored ANY_KEY, which fixed a bug with some earphones causing the original version to exit immediately.
  • Now displays estimated battery voltage. (Thanks to Sono and Sykhro for helping me with the voltage calculations).
  • Now displays number of NAND titles installed.
  • Displays adapter state. (connected / disconnected) -> This is different from the charging status.
  • FS_USER functions used for file handling (screenshot stuff).
  • Displays region when showing system version. (Example 11.4.0-37’U’)
  • Displays WiFi slot info – SSID, password and MAC.
  • Displays host ID (IP Address).
  • New NNID Info using ATCU account data blocks.
  • Displays both NNID user name and principal ID as before.
  • Displays Mii name.
  • Displays NNID persistent ID.
  • Displays NNID transferable ID base.
  • Displays NNID country/timezone.
  • New colours for Misc tab, NNID tab and WiFi slots.
  • Displays home menu ID.
  • Fixed a few minor glitches when refreshing values.
  • Code clean up, refactors, removed dupes, fixed overflown buffers, more consistency + minor optimizations etc.

GUI Version:

  • All of the above, except for the color and removing config stuff.
  • More explicit storage info. Displays used/free/total storage info of the four FS_SystemMediaTypes with storage bars.
  • Minor aesthetic changes, now the subject and values are two different colors.
  • Gets inserted card type (NAND / CTR).
  • Fast scroll using circle pad.
  • You can now use the start button to exit instead of scrolling down to the exit tab.
  • Config info now displays the following parental control information;
  • Displays parental control pin.
  • Displays parental control email address.
  • Displays parental control secret answer. (Thanks Fenrir for reminding me I was one byte off!)



3DSident GUI – WiFi slots tab

3DSident Original



This is probably my last release for this homebrew unless there are any issues or something new worth mentioning comes along. With over 300,000 downloads, and tonnes of support from the community, I thank you for making 3DSident what it is today.

You can find the download link for the latest release here.

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