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Wiki Playstation Vr : Danh sách game vr phát hành tới tháng 3/2017| chep game xbox 360

latest Update Games last 6 Games Release
10.21.2016 190 Lethal VR Q4 2016
A Haunting: Witching Hour TBA
Polybius TBA
Mervils: A VR Adventure TBA
Evil Robot Traffic Jam TBA
Waddle Home Avail. Now

Available Games

Game Studio Genre Trailer VRGC
100ft Robot Golf No Goblin Sport Arcade Trailer Reviews
Ace Banana OASIS GAMES Shooter Trailer Reviews
Allumette Penrose Studios Story Experience Trailer
The Assembly nDreams Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer Reviews
Batman Arkham VR Rocksteady Action Trailer Reviews
Battlezone Rebellion Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer Reviews
Bound Santa Monica Studios Adventure Trailer Reviews
The Brookhaven Experiment Phosphor Horror FPS Trailer Reviews
Catlateral Damage Fire Hose Games Cat Simulation Trailer Reviews
Driveclub VR Evolution Studios Arcade Racing Trailer Reviews
EVE: Gunjack CCP Games Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer Reviews
EVE: Valkyrie CCP Games Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer Reviews
Fly to Kuma COLOPL Puzzle Trailer Reviews
Harmonix Music VR Harmonix Music Systems Music Trailer Reviews
Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live SEGA Games Music Trailer
Headmaster Frame Interactive Sport Trailer Reviews
Here they lie Santa Monica Studios Horror Trailer Reviews
Hustle Kings VR VooFoo Studios Sport Trailer Reviews
Job Simulator Owlchemy Labs Simulator Trailer Reviews
JoysoundVR Xing Inc. Music Trailer
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Steel Crate Party Game Trailer Reviews
Loading Human Untold Games Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer Reviews
Mortal Blitz Skonec Entertainment’s FPS Trailer
Pixel Gear OASIS GAMES Shooter Trailer Reviews
The Playroom VR SCE Japan Studio Party Game Trailer Reviews
Playstation VR Worlds SCE London Studio 5 different Games Trailer Reviews
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Guerrilla Cambridge FPS Trailer Reviews
Rez Infinite Enhance Games Music Shooter Trailer Reviews
Rise Of The Tomb Raider Blood Ties Square Enix Action Adventure /
Shin Godzilla SCE Japan FPX /
Space Slam Quickdraw Studios Space Flight Action Sim /
SportsBarVR Cherry Pop Games Sport Trailer Reviews
Superhypercube Kokoromi Puzzle Trailer Reviews
Super Stardust Ultra VR Housemarque Arcade Shooter Trailer Reviews
Summer Lesson Bandai Namco Communication Game Trailer
Thumper Drool Rhythm Racing Trailer Reviews
Tumble VR Supermassive Games Puzzle Trailer Reviews
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Supermassive Games On-Rails Shooter Trailer Reviews
VEV: Viva Ex Vivo Truant Pixel Survival Adventure Trailer
Volume: Coda Mike Bithell Stealth Action Trailer Reviews
Waddle Home Archiact Interactive Puzzle Trailer Reviews
Wayward Sky Uber Entertainment Puzzle Adventure Trailer Reviews
World War Toons Reload Studios FPS Trailer Reviews

Upcoming PSVR Games

October 2016

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
Carnival Games VR 2k Games Party Games Trailer 10-28-16
HoloBall TreeFortrress Games Sport Trailer Oct. 2016
Tethered Secret Sorcery Strategy Trailer 10.25.16
Weeping Doll OASIS GAMES Horror Trailer 10.27.16
Windlands Psytec Games Grappling hook exploration Trailer 10.25.2016

Upcoming PSVR Games

November 2016

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
CoD: Jackal Assault VR Activision Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer 11.4.16
Desert Bus 2.0 GearBox Arcade Racing / Nov. 2016
Eagle Flight Ubisoft Flight Simulator Trailer Nov. 2016
Moto Racer 4 Microids Racing Trailer 11.03.16
Neptune Flux Zoxide Games Adventure Trailer 11.15.2016
Robinson: The Journey Crytek Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer 11.08.2016
Trackmania Turbo Ubisoft Nadeo Arcade Racing Trailer 11.08.2016

Upcoming PSVR Games

December 2016

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
Werewolves Within Red Storm Party Game Trailer 12.06.2016

Upcoming PSVR Games

Q4 2016

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
Fated: The Silent Oath Frima Studios Fantasy Adventure Trailer Q4 2016
Headbutt Factory Gemdrops Action / Q4 2016
How we Soar Penny Black Studios Flight Experience Trailer Q4 2016
Lethal VR Three Fields Entertainment Action Trailer Q4 2016
Pixel Ripped 1989 Pixel Ripped Inc Adventure / Q4 2016
Proton Pulse ZeroTransform Puzzle Trailer Q4 2016
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin Double Fine Puzzle Trailer Q4 2016
Radial-G : Racing Revolved Tammeka Sci-Fi Racing Trailer Q4 2016
Space Rift bitComposer Interactive Space Adventure Trailer Q4 2016
Star Wars Battlefront VR Dice Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer Q4 2016
Time Machine VR Minority Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer Q4 2016
White Day: Swan Song Rio Games Horror Trailer Q4 2016
WRC 6 Kylotonn Racing Games Racing Trailer Q4 2016

Upcoming PSVR Games

Q1 2017

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
CRANGA!: Harbour Frenzy HandMade Game Puzzle Gameplay Q1 2017
GNOG KO-OP Puzzle Adventure Trailer Q1 2017
Golem Highwire Games Action Adventure Trailer Q1 2017
Korix StellarVR Strategy Trailer Q1 2017
Megaton Rainfall Pentadimensional Games Action Trailer Q1 2017
Statik Tarsier Studios Puzzle Trailer Q1 2017
XING: The Land Beyond Lotus Interactive Puzzle Aventure Trailer Q1 2017

Upcoming PSVR Games

January 2017

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
DYING Reborn OASIS GAMES Horror Trailer Jan 2017
Resident Evil VII Capcom Horror Trailer 01.24.2017

Upcoming PSVR Games

February 2017

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release

Upcoming PSVR Games

March 2017

Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
Star Trek: Bridge Crew Ubisoft Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer 3.14.2017

Upcoming PSVR Games


Game Studio Genre Trailer Release
Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games Turbo Button Platformer Trailer tba
Ace Combat 7 Bandai Namco Flight Simulator Trailer tba
Atom Universe Atom Republic MMO Trailer tba
Albino Lullaby Ape Law Horror Adventure Trailer tba
Apollo 11 VR Experience David Whelan FPX Trailer tba
Arizona Sunshine Vertigo Games FPS Trailer tba
ARK: Survival Evolved Studio Wildcard MMO Trailer tba
Attractio GameCoder Studios Puzzle Trailer tba
BassDrop Hyperkin Laps Rhythm Shooter / tba
Bebylon Battle Royale Kite&Lightning Party Browler Gameplay tba
Boxi Human Soft / Trailer tba
Carpe Lucem – Seize the Light Application Systems Puzzle Trailer tba
Chernobyl VR Project Reality 51 FPX Trailer tba
Classroom Aquatic Sunken Places Stealth Trailer tba
Clazer SynapticSwitch Shooter Trailer tba
Code: 12VR / FPS / tba
Cult County Renegade Kid Survival Horror Trailer tba
Crystal Rift Psytec Games Dungeon Crawler Trailer tba
Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial Spike Chunsoft Adventure Trailer tba
DEAD OR ALIVE XTREME 3 Koei Tecmo Sport Arcade Trailer tba
Dead Bug Creek California Rex Adventure Trailer tba
Dead Secret Robot Invader Crime Puzzle Trailer tba
Detached Anshar Studios FPX Trailer tba
Dimensional Intersection Nicalis Music Visualiser Trailer tba
Disco Flux Solus Games Rhythm Shooter Trailer tba
Distance Refract Arcade Racing Trailer tba
Dynasty Warriors 8 VR Tecmo Koei Action / tba
Dreams Media Molecule Creation Tool Trailer tba
Earthlight Opaque Media FPX Trailer tba
Eclipse White Elk Sci-Fi Adventure Gameplay tba
Esper Coatsink Puzzle Trailer tba
Everest VR Sólfar Studios FPX Trailer tba
Evil Robot Traffic Jam Element Games Strategy Trailer tba
Farpoint Impulse Gear Action Adventure Trailer tba
Filthy Lucre Fabrik Stealth Action Trailer tba
Final Approach Phaser Lock Interactive Strategy Trailer tba
Final Fantasy XV Square Enix Adventure Trailer tba
First Impact: Rise of a Hero Read Meat Games Action Trailer tba
Futuridium EP Deluxe MixedBag Games Shoot’em up Trailer tba
Futuridium VR MixedBag Games Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer tba
The Gallery: Six Elements Cloudhead Games Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Gang Beasts Boneloaf Party Game Trailer tba
Gary the Gull Limitless Interactive Story Trailer tba
Get Even Farm 51 FPS Trailer tba
Godling Solfar Studios Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Ghost Theory Dreadlocks Horror Trailer tba
The Golf Club HB Studios Sport Trailer tba
Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link PlatinumGames Adventure Trailer tba
Gran Turismo Sport Polyphony Digital Racing Simulation Trailer tba
Grave VR Broken Window Studios Horror / tba
Gunship Battle 2 VR Joycity Flight Simulator / tba
Happy Manager D3 Publisher Love Simulation Trailer tba
A Haunting: Witching Hour eEnyx Horror Trailer tba
Hellgate VR Hanbit Soft FPS Gameplay tba
Holodance narayana Music Trailer tba
Hyper Void N Framez Technology 3rd Person Shooter Trailer tba
I Expect You to Die Schell Games Survival Trailer tba
The Hum Totwise Studios Survival Horror Trailer tba
The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Bandai Namco Music Trailer tba
iOMoon Headtripgames Sci-Fi Adventure Gameplay tba
Kerser Technolust Arcade Racing Gameplay tba
KILL X VR Beijing Wansiwei Culture / / tba
Kismet Psyop FPX Trailer tba
Kittypocalypse Bolvërk Games Strategy Trailer tba
KÔNA Parabole Survival Adventure Trailer tba
Mars 2030 Fusion Media FPX Trailer tba
The Martian VR Experience Fox Interactive Adventure Trailer tba
MetaWorld HelloVR Social MMO Gameplay tba
Mervils: A VR Adventure VitruviusVR Platformer Trailer tba
Mind: Path to Talamus Carlos Coronado Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Mixip OASIS GAMES Sci-Fi Shooter Trailer tba
The Musik Room Chrome Coda Music Trailer tba
The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Santa Monica Studios Arcade Racing Trailer tba
Nebulous Namazu Studios Puzzle Trailer tba
Neverout Setapp Puzzle Trailer tba
Nighttime Terror 2 VR Bits Topdown Shooter Trailer tba
O! My Genesis VR XPEC Entertainment Strategy Trailer tba
The Occasional Encounter UserJoy Technology FPX / tba
Omega Agent Fireproof Games Action Trailer tba
Paranormal Activity VR VRwerx Horror Gameplay tba
Phantom World VR Beijing Phantomisreal / / tba
P.O.L.L.E.N Mindfield Games Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer tba
Polybius Llamasoft ludic psychedelia Gameplay tba
Project Arena CCP Sport Trailer tba
Project Boundary Surgical Scalpels FPS Trailer tba
Q.U.B.E.² Toxic Games Puzzle Trailer tba
Race The Sun Flippfly Sci-Fi Racing Trailer tba
RAW DATA Survios FPS Trailer tba
Rollercoaster Dreams Bimboosoft Park management Trailer tba
Snow Poppermost Sport Trailer tba
Star Chart Escapist Games Space Experience Trailer tba
Stifled Gattai Games Horror Trailer tba
Surgeon Simulator Bossa Studios Simulation Trailer tba
Symphony of the Machine Stirfire Studios Puzzle / tba
Synthesis Universe Olivier JT FPX Trailer tba
Tactera E McNeill Strategy Trailer tba
Tea Party Simulator 2015 Liens Power Up to the Maximum Simulation Trailer tba
Technolust Iris VR Adventure Trailer tba
Tekken 7 Bandai Namco Beat’em up Trailer tba
Thunderbird: The Legend Begins Innervision Games Puzzle Adventure Trailer tba
Unearthing Mars Winking Entertainment Sci-Fi Adventure Trailer tba
Vanguard V Zero Transform 3rd Person Shooter Trailer tba
Vector 36 Red River Studio Arcade Racing Trailer tba
Visage SadSquare Studio Horror Trailer tba
VizionEck VizionEck Puzzle Trailer tba
vTime Starship Group Social Network Experience Trailer tba
V! What Did I do to Deserve This, My Lord? R Japan Studio RTS Trailer tba
VR Tennis Online COLOPL Sport Gameplay tba
Waltz of the Wizard Aldin Dynamics Fantasy Adventure Trailer tba
War Thunder Gaijin Entertainment Flight Simulation Trailer tba
World of Diving VERTIGO GAMES Adventure Trailer tba

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